Team Habits : How Small Actions Lead to Extraordinary Results

Apr 14, 2023

Coming August 2023

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Everyone wants to be a part of a great team. The trouble is that most approaches to building great teams focus on changing people, when the reality is that what most needs to be changed is how they work together.

Your team doesn’t rise to the sum of its member’s capabilities; it falls to how it practices good team habits that create great results and belonging.

Thing is, we’re already practicing team habits — it’s just a question of whether they’re good team habits or bad ones. The deluge of cc threads from hell are bad team habits that can be changed. Having free-for-all meetings without an agenda is a team habit that can be changed. BS goals and dashboards that no one pays attention to but take a lot of work to maintain and report on are team habits that can be changed.

The good news is that everyone has the power to change their team’s workways since we have a lot of influence, trust, and rapport with the 4–8 people we spend most of our days working with. If our team works better together, our work days are better and our work lives have more impact, meaning, and joy.

The bad news, of course, is that focusing on your team habits means making your team, work, and life better isn’t a problem you can punt to someone else. You don’t need expensive consultants, an executive champion, or a budget to improve your team habits. Since you’re already going to be doing the work, why not make the work better?

Team Habits will address:

  • The significant but invisible costs of your team’s habits

  • How improving your team habits can change your entire organization

  • The eight universal kinds of team habits

  • How to determine which kind of team habits to address first

  • How to create a team habits sprint that gets full team buy in and support

  • What to do when the changes you’re trying to make happen encounter inertia and friction

  • How to leverage your team habits win into the next change

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